Potential Quarantine delays on air shipments during November


Please be advised that the Department of Water Resources and Agriculture ( DAWR ), colloquially known as Australian Quarantine, will be conducting a survey of imported commercial air cargo consignments over the two week period of 14-27 November, 2016.  The aim of this survey is to inspect airfreight consignments throughout Australia that would not normally be subject to DAWR intervention and build a database to determine compliance levels within such consignments. Shipments will be selected on a random basis and the DAWR will work with industry to try and minimise the impact on delivery timeframes. Having said that, it would be logical to expect some minor delays where airfreight shipments are selected to be included in this survey.

Whilst the DAWR have advised that they will not impose inspection fees for selected consignments which comply with DAWR requirements, all randomly selected shipments must be inspected at a ‘Class 1’ approved depot and the consignment must remain intact and unopened pending the inspection.  This means depot inspection and handling fees may still apply on affected consignments to cover associated costs incurred at these approved depots.

Please be aware that the number of shipments affected by this survey will be relatively low however BR International will work with DAWR and depots where necessary to minimise any impact the survey may have during late November.  Please feel free to contact your BRi Customs broker should you have any further queries in relation to this matter.


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BRi Customs Department 

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