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To our Valued Customers, 


In recent weeks, several shipping terminal operators have announced upcoming price increases to be implemented over the coming 30-60 days. 


The figures below show the price increases per terminal operator in each state:


Sydney and Brisbane Increases

  1. Hutchinson VBS 11.36%
  2. Hutchinson Infrastructure Levy 7.85%


Victoria Increases

VIC Infrastructure surcharge 8.8%


  1. VGM Weight Discrepancy Fee of $200 per container.
  2. Reefer Temperature Discrepancy Fee of $75 per full container.


In light of these continual inflationary increases, BR International continues to look at all mechanisms to streamline and bring efficiencies to both our and your business.


To find out more about how we can help you optimise your supply chain, please contact our dedicated Transport Team.




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