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Port Operators HPA (Hutchinson Ports Australia)

Hutchinson Ports Australia Port Operation – 1st May 2024 Increase

Hutchison Ports Sydney is on route to the next stage of terminal development however slowed cost recovery on investment to date continues to push back shareholder funding for this project.

HPA are about to purchase 2 new Quay Cranes scheduled for commissioning in late 2025. Subsequent to that the next stage of terminal development will follow in early 2026 with the construction of 4 additional ASC blocks, a 3rd berth, increase to the manual handling area and the purchase of 8 new shuttle carriers. This will increase terminal capacity by 400,000 TEU.

In Addition, HPA have upgraded their terminal system on the landside to improve the efficiency of service to landside customers. This automation upgrade is being implemented now. With the reduction in volumes HPA continues to substantially under recover against investment to date. In order to maintain shareholder investment for continued development and terminal improvement a revision of the landside costs has become necessary.

The increase is representing 13.6% increase for Imports and exports Infrastructure.

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