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FACT (Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal) has recently completed a review of its landside charges which are assessed each year. The review is undertaken to ensure that FACT can continue to operate an efficient and sustainable terminal that provides effective landside services to meet the needs of our customers now and into the future.

FACT’s landside charges are necessary to support our increasing operational costs and enables a longer-term recapitalisation of equipment, technology, and infrastructure. The investment program ensures the terminal can maintain service delivery standards to the industry and respond to the rapidly changing demands of a modern supply chain.

Key landside investments being made include the following:

  • Gate infrastructure and system upgrades – Construction of a new terminal gate system at point of entry and the associated infrastructure using the latest technology. Its design will accommodate the existing High Productivity Vehicles with capacity to efficiently process future landside demands.
  • Terminal Operating System and additional comprehensive technology upgrades – Investments in improving the operating system to deliver enhanced functionality, and visibility to our landside customers.
  • Investment in hybrid straddle carriers – 13 Kone straddle carriers purchased over the last 24 months, with the latest 5 to be delivered in the second half of 2024, with a further 13 to be procured over the next 5 years.
  • Land and pavement upgrades – Improvement in the terminal’s hardstand and expansion of the facility enabling FACT to operate efficiently and limit disruption to supply chains whilst maintaining a quality level of service.
  • Investment in new Automated Rubber Tyre Gantry cranes – In line with FACT’s commitment to providing quality service to the South Australian supply chain, we will be acquiring the latest state of the art container handling equipment.

The significant investments being made on the landside operation of FACT represent the establishment of infrastructure, equipment and the provision of operations that will support the terminals decarbonisation strategy and provide the foundation to ensure it can meet the growing demands of all its stakeholders.

Effective 1st April 2024 there will be an increase which will need to be passed on.

If you have any questions, please reach out to dedicated teams.

Thank you for choosing BR International.

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