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Dear Valued client,

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year & all the best for 2022. 

Whilst we look forward to 2022 with the view to enjoy greater freedoms and embrace the new normality of “living with COVID-19”, unfortunately the new year’s hangover of external supply chain challenges faced in 2021 continue to significantly impact our industry and operations. 

Unfortunately, as we are sure everyone can appreciate, this is a day-to-day proposition, we are working with all staff in parallel with complying to all current Government guidelines to protect staff welfare and minimise operational disruption.

As a result of the labour shortage, the cost of casual labour (and container crews) continues to rise as in other industries, as demand exceeds supply.

While we are / will make every effort to ensure day to day operations aren’t affected the number of unplanned absences across all permanent and casual/ agency and container crew workforce categories have had sufficient affect. This has now become a day-to-day proposition where we are unable to forecast throughout at each site, given unplanned leave because of the volume of positive cases and close contacts.  

Our team in working tirelessly and will advise if any of standard service levels cannot be meet i.e., Dispatching orders in previously agreed timeframe we will advise as soon as possible, unpack / receiving containers in agreed timeframe etc.

We thank you for your ongoing support & understanding in these exceptional circumstances, any questions or queries please reach out to our team.


Thank you and kind regards,


BRi warehouse team

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