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The empty container congestion most often experienced in Australia’s largest container ports, Melbourne & Sydney, has moved north and is significantly hampering landside container logistics operations in the Port of Brisbane.

The level of congestion is causing additional costs for transport operators, who must stage more empties back through their yards, double handle boxes, store them longer in-yard, and spend longer administering the de-hire and export pick up processes.
These added costs unfortunately need to be passed on by transport suppliers to their forwarder and importer/exporter clients.
The real danger exists too that the delays will lead to some import containers not being de-hired in the container detention “free time” allocated by the shipping lines. 

We are monitoring the situation closely and are doing all we can within our control to make sure containers are dehired in a timely manner, including asking the shipping lines to take in to account the performance of their nominated empty container parks.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our dedicated transport team.


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