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Dear Valued Client, 


Monday deliveries


We have had minor delays TODAY ( Monday ) and  have been able to deliver as planned to BRi customers


We are seeing more roads re-open throughout the day in Brisbane with the break in the rain which is a positive.

This should allow more access for deliveries pending individual clients circumstances, but with more rain due later in the week this could change conditions again rapidly.


We are also hopeful of more staff being able to return to work tomorrow that have been affected by the floods to increase our resource availability.


The Port of Brisbane has been closed for any vessel movements due to the amount of debris in the waterways which we understand will be reviewed again tomorrow.  This has meant most terminals have removed availability’s until some certainty is known on what is happening so there will be delays with vessels.


We will continue to send updates on any changes on your sites (Brisbane)  ability to receive containers to


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Transport Team.  


Keeping you updated 

BRi TRansport Team 

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