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Dear Valued Customers


Update to our last notice,


BR International continue to experience congestion at wharf terminals nationally which is heavily impacting deliveries and empty return/dehire causing potential container detention due to the impact of COVID-19.


BR International is in constant communication with the shipping lines requesting reductions to detention that may be imposed due to these challenging time which impacting the industry nationally


Transport suppliers are experiencing extreme cost pressures and inefficiency due to driver’s being impacted through either having contracted COVID-19 or isolating at home with a positive case in their household.  Unfortunately, these numbers only look to be increasing and this will continue to have an impact on the industry. 


Effective 1st February 2022 transport carriers in Melbourne have had to introduce a short-term COVID & Disruption Levy of $32 per container.  

We continue to monitor and work with our suppliers in the other states Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide


Road congestion and structural industry issues surrounding the dehire of empty containers have led to a major increase in the time it takes to complete any given Transport task.

Couple this fact with the well documented increase in key cost components (e.g., labour/parts/AdBlue/tyres) and we have a surge in cost base never previously experienced.

Whilst transport carriers are currently absorbing significant cost to maintain service capability and productivity, all possible resources are being used to facilitate service offering to the best possible standards.


Our hope is that this is a temporary spike and will ease once post-Omicron.


If you have any questions, please contact the transport team.


Thank you for using BR International.    


Keeping you updated 

BRi Transport Team 

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