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Vict Melbourne Port Operation – 1st June 2024 Increase

VICT (Victoria International Container Terminal) have experienced a notable increase in operational costs. Despite all efforts to contain and absorb some of the cost increases, Ports have been unable to avoid the increases in their operational input and lease cost which, without adjustment to some of their infrastructure related costs, would negatively impact the continued service levels that their customers expect from them.

Key highlights of investments and commitments include:

  • Capital investment of $782 million from 2014 to 2021
  • Recent investment of $157 million in the development of Phase 3A of our terminal expansion, completed in December 2023. This phase included 3 additional yard blocks, 6 additional Auto Stacking Cranes ,15 truck lanes, and 6 Auto Container Carriers, resulting in a 30% increase in our Vehicle Booking System’s time slot offerings.
  • Ongoing terminal investment program of an additional $100 million to develop Phase 3B of our terminal expansion; due to be completed by 2026. This phase will create 2 additional yard blocks, 10 truck lanes, 3 additional Auto Stacking Cranes (ASCs), and 3 Auto Container Carriers. This infrastructure investment will further increase our Vehicle Booking System’s time slot availability by an additional 20%, supporting continued efficient landside service levels for our customers.
  • Continuing to invest heavily in technology to ensure our automated equipment and processes remain up to date to deliver consistently efficient service levels that the industry expects. We will be investing $2.8 million in the next 12 months in system automation and new AI initiatives to enhance operational efficiencies and improve service offerings.

The increase is representing 9.6% increase for Imports and exports Infrastructure.


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