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To all our valued clients

We write to you today as we head towards the end of another financial year that has been full of unprecedented and uncontrollable challenges.

It seems the post-Covid “new normal” is set to continue challenging the Global Supply Chain in the year ahead.

Whether it’s shipping or trucking disruptions, labour shortages, Covid/Flu based disruptions, even basic issues such as wood shortages affecting the supply & cost of pallets.

The result seems clear & that is the world experiencing an unforeseen inflationary shock.

We see it on the news, in the papers, across social media with the impact now showing significant increases to business operating costs!

We, like you are not immune to these increases & our industry is exposed across the following areas

• Minimum wage increases of 5.2% directly effecting our warehousing
• CPI tracking at 5.1% (and above) will mean higher warehouse rental costs
• Electricity set to increase by over 100% (per KW hr)
• Pallet purchase & hire fees up by 9 – 20% (depending on supplier)
• Shipping lines increasing port charges on average by 20%
• Competition for labour pushing up salaries across the board

Please know that while we work hard not to pass on price changes, in this case where changes continue, we will have no alternative to pass increases on.

We continue to introduce all measures that can minimise the quantum of increases without compromising the service levels you have come to expect from BRi.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your assigned Customer Solutions representative as they are here to assist you.

Yours Sincerely

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