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Wharf terminals have issued notices of lanside increases effective 1st January 2024.


Victoria international Container Terminal (VICT) has experienced a notable increase in business costs during the past twelve months. While VICT makes every effort to absorb these costs, there remains a need to recover a portion of the costs associated with the landside operations. This adjustment is essential to ensure VICT continues to provide an efficient service to our customers.

DP World forecasting more than $600m in capital expenditure across 2023-2026 in its four terminals to invest in equipment and civil expansion works to cater for greater landside demand.  Ther statement is accompanied by a table setting out key equipment capex items in each Terminal.


In its East Coast port terminals where there is no Government oversight or intervention on stevedore landside fees, the following percentage increases have been announced by DPWA:


  • Terminal Access Charge (TAC): Full Exports – a 52.52% increase in Melbourne; 38.80% increase in Sydney; 37.50% in Brisbane.


  • Terminal Access Charge (TAC): Full Imports – 26.18% increase in Brisbane; 25.49% in Sydney; 21.22% in Melbourne.


In contrast in Fremantle where the WA Government still owns Fremantle Ports, and landside fee increase percentages have been capped in terminal leases, the Terminal Access Charges (TACs) for full imports and full exports will only rise by 5%.      


Vehicle Booking System (VBS) and ancillary charges are increasing by various amounts too, including:


  • VBS Slot Fees and full Stack Run Fees (per slot) increasing by 49.74% in Fremantle (as a charge outside of the capped fee agreement in the Fremantle terminal lease) and by 35.65% in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.
  • Energy Charge (per export and import unit) rising by 13.96%
  • Vehicle Misdeclaration Fee increase by 23.33%
  • Various other charges increasing by percentages between 7.51% to 9.45% – all above CPI.


If you have any further questions, please reach out to our dedicated transport team.


Thank you for choosing BR International.

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