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Landside logistics operators are continuing to experience extreme congestion at DP World’s West Swanson Terminal in Melbourne.

For many weeks, DP World has been undertaking construction works to reconfigure the landside truck grids within the Terminal.  This has removed approx. 35% of landside capacity.

Coupled with these landside constraints, DP World has a very heavy program of vessel arrivals this week and next week:

  • 10 vessels are advertised as having import availability between now and 7 June; while
  • 10 vessels have export receivals at the Terminal up until 7 June 2024.


Truck turnaround times have blown out on some shifts to over 4 hours, meaning that transport operators miss subsequent vehicle time slots and can’t complete the freight task planned.

DP World WST has now subcontracted CMA CGM Quelimane to Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) with a partial discharge of imports at WST and the remainder of the imports to be handled through VICT.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will do all we can within our control to avoid as much transport waiting time as we can.

Thank you for choosing BR International and appreciate your uderstanding.

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