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Dear Valued Customers,

Below is a summary of the most updated situation of BRi Shanghai office and port operations.

Shanghai — “Locked-down”, “Controlled” and “Precautionary” areas will be gradually downgraded to the former high, medium, and low-risk designations.

Pandemic-prevention measures in three phases created, to gradually return to normal life and production.

The first phase: Focus from 16/05 until May 21st, to reduce new and prevent rebound cases & continue to reduce the number of locked-down areas and controlled areas.
Precautionary areas to be opened in an orderly manner, the city to maintain a low level of social activities.

The second phase: From May 22nd to May 31st, the target is to drive the number of new infections in a single day further down & continue to reduce the number of locked-down and controlled areas.

The third phase:
From June 1st to mid-late June, under the precondition of no resurgence, controlled risk, normalized management of epidemic prevention to be in full implementation.
Full restoration of normal production and living order in the city to be expected.

BRi Shanghai office: Work from Home from March 28th until further notice.
Ports in Shanghai: Terminal are required to maintain normal operations, laden containers are permitted to be gated in.
Trucking in Shanghai: Slight improvement in overall trucking capacity and efficiency. All truckers are requested to provide PCR test negative certificate before entering the city. Quarantine regulations continue to limit the mobility of drivers.
Customs in Shanghai: Normal Operations
Warehouse in Shanghai: Accepting cargo gate in from truckers holding approved pass.

Should you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Service Representative.                                                                                                         

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