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Dear Valued Customer,


The situation in QLD has been exacerbated by the flooding and wild weather reports. Many of the shoreside technicians have been impacted.


In addition, Port of Brisbane and VTS have conducted an assessment this morning on current conditions, where continued high river currents and substantial amounts of debris are present in the river. A hydrographic survey was conducted but due the turbidity the results were inconclusive. Based on this there will be no vessel movements for the next 24 hours.


Another hydrographic survey will be conducted today and first thing tomorrow morning 02 March, a further assessment is to take place on river conditions and debris prior to a updated decision as to when to recommence the safe movements shipping.  If approved, ship movements will be accessed on a case by case basis to and from Fisherman Island.


Further assessments will be required before vessel movements up river of Pelican Banks can be considered.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Operations Team. 


Keeping you updated 

BRi Operations Team 

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