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Omicron has affected container logistics more so the transport sector in a big way and has had a detrimental effect on all carriers in the market across the Nation.


In addition to the current issues, is the fear of another wave of Covid as children return to school, increasing the spread of the disease within households and the community, causing further disruptions to the supply chain due to illness and isolation making it very hard to maintain any level of service and completing all expected tasks.


The visible signs that all transport carriers are struggling to keep up with demand are plain to see i.e., lack of staff on the floor and therefore service impact to clients. This is a flow on effect to transport yards.

Transport yards are overflowing and up to 150% capacity which is having an immeasurable effect on truck throughput in yards.


Many have asked why the congestion across container yards has occurred; there are several variables. Over the past 3 months, many businesses have closed or has reduced capacity, meaning transport providers have been forced to hold their containers while they battled to get their staff to return.

As businesses have returned to normal, the call to save shipping line demurrage and get containers to our valued clientele was loud and clear. Unfortunately, the backlog is that great, trying to get all deliveries done in a timely manner is proving tougher than once thought. Labour shortages have also taken place at empty container park’s and stevedore terminals meaning that fleet is held up and delayed within these sites as well.

In Victoria, the closure of major arterials such as the Western Ring Road and you have an unprecedented set of operating conditions and challenges.


These conditions have led to container yards with stacks so deep that containers are often moved 20 times to get one single delivery for our clients. The compounding issue is they have no clear space to restack the containers they have just shifted, instead they are placed in front of another stack, meaning containers within that stack are now buried. These space constraints are as a direct result of the supply-chain using Transport Providers yards as a storage facility.


Transport carriers are doing the best they can within their control, any questions or concerns please contact our Transport Team.


Thank you for using BR International.


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BRi Transport Team 


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