Why Choose Direct-to-Store Distribution for your Logistics Requirements?

Direct-to-store is an emerging practice, available to all importers and retailers. It is the preferred choice of many industries today as it immediately:

  • Speeds-up your distribution process
  • Lowers your supply chain cost per unit
  • Reduces your inventory management costs
  • Improves your distribution network efficiency
  • Reduces your transportation, warehouse and overhead cost

What is direct-to-store distribution?

Direct-to-store distribution/delivery (DSD) is a cost effective method of delivering your products from a supplier or an overseas vendor directly to you, your delivery center or your store. Many industries benefit but not limited to:

  • Textiles, Clothing and Footwear (TCF)
  • Construction, Mining, Energy and Oil
  • Lifestyle Products
  • Food products

Our Direct-to-Store Distribution Services

As part of our on-going value added services, we offer the following direct-to-store distribution services. Grab the opportunity and take advantage of the supply chain innovation, today.

Value Added Logistics Services at Origin

We drive your costs down on a daily basis while also ensuring strong profit return by providing value added services which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Working closely with your overseas vendors to ensure stock ordered equals stocked received
  • Stock entry/exit inventory management
  • Full Quality Control (QC)services such as:
    • Packing list to order
    • Unit price to actual agreed unit price
    • SKU item to actual order item
    • Labeling
      • Outer Label
      • Inner Label including ticketing, swing tagging etc.
    • Relabeling
      • Outer label
      • Inner label including ticketing, swing tagging etc
    • Hanging garments through to flat packing
    • Pressing/Ironing and Cleaning/Repairing
    • Barcoding and SSCC Labeling
  • Pick and Pack/ Co-packing/ Pre-packing
  • Consolidation/Drop Shipment
  • Administration and Inventory Manaement
  • Issuance of all shipping documentation

These processes results to:

  • Early identification of problems at origin placing responsibility back to the overseas vendor
  • Safe and effective quality control management
  • Origin management inventory management as an extension to your business

Multi-Country Distribution

Our company owned infrastructure allows us to deliver multi-country distribution operations from anywhere around the globe. As an example with China, you can:

  • Serve multiple markets such as the European, North American, United States, Middle East, Asia and the rest of the world
  • Optimise outbound transport by eliminating re-export flows to markets close to origin countries
  • Reduce your need to increase distribution network capacity in Australia and New Zealand
  • Gain a potential platform for new markets, including the Asian and African market

Cross-Docking Based Distribution

Our cross-docking based distribution service allows all products to be moved through a centralised location without the need to be received into your store. It is a complicated process that includes a variety of ways of handling and delivering products for distribution.

We are experienced in fulfilling the strict conditions that this complex process requires:

  • Reliable and precise inbound cargo delivery
  • Advanced information technology such as bar-coding or RFID
  • Enhanced communication with upstream sellers and carriers
  • Tight collaboration along the supply chain to support cross-docking operations
  • Flexible and well trained workforce to perform fast-paced stock management

Speak to us at 1300-348-828 and see how cross-docking based distribution will reduce your inventory holding function to quick and cost effective movement of goods.

Building Direct-to-store Containers at Origin

As part of our global infrastructure, we now offer direct to store containers. This new innovation allows for an increased order approach with all product handling quality control and administration performed at origin. Through this approach, your cycle time and operational cost is dramatically reduced.

We are able to:

  • Load various products from multiple vendors in full containers with a single destination/single customer
  • Consolidate shipments for more than one importer with deconsolidation at destination

DC Bypass Strategy

When the origin-built container reaches the port of destination, depending on the industry and importer requirements, it can be shipped:

  • Directly to a regional or local DC either the Importer's or the 3PL's
  • To an Importer's customer DC
  • Directly to the end customer/store

Speak to us at 1300-348-828 to learn the best approach to handle this.

Deconsolidation at Destination

Deconsolidation of containers at destination is required when:

  • A container carries products for several stores (or Importers)
  • The product final destination doesn't have the capability to receive a full container.

We can organise the deconsolidation process for you. We perform:

  • Trans-loading of the cargo from Container to a truckload
  • Cross-docking of the cargo to prepare store shipments
  • Full-truck-loads (FTL)
  • Less-than-truck loads (LTL)
  • Parcel Loads

Handling at Destination

The level of difficulty of deconsolidating customer ready containers can vary depending on the content of the load. The deconsolidation can be simple, involving only store-ready pallets of a single product and a few outbound shipments. However, it may sometimes be more complex.

The container may contain different SKU's with different packaging, require different kinds of outbound shipments and involve multiple destinations. When the deconsolidation and handling is complex; the processes may require to be performed in specially designed facilities and by trained staffing.

We have overcome this by a strong review and implementation process that allows for a detailed understanding of how cargo is to be handled, receipted and delivered. Complete our online form or call us at 1300 348 828 for any queries you may have about our direct-to-store distributions services.