Customised Supply Chain Logistics Solutions for Industries

Global competition, consumer expectations and unstable economic conditions are influential factors to the on-going evolution of the supply chain industry. Today it is facing even more challenges including:

  • Increased volatility in demand
  • Higher customer expectations
  • Increased cost pressures
  • Increase global competition
  • Increased volatility of commodities prices
  • Higher complexity of demand patterns
  • Expanding global labor markets
  • Regulation changes

With this in mind, many supply chain executives have begun to shift their priorities from reducing operating costs to customer services, speedy delivery, and improving products or services.

BR International responds to this shift in priority with the following solutions:

Solution Design

We closely look at your existing network, transport and warehouse designs to see how we can better improve it.

Network Strategy

We devise your current network process to guarantee better network management. We do this by conducting an in-depth network analysis and propose a more efficient network design which may include change management. Some questions we may ask are:

  • How can my supply chain network be changed to improve service levels?
  • What impact will shifting to a lower cost network have on service levels?

Transport Design

Our years of logistics experience has made us expert transport designers. Thus providing fast and reliable inbound, outbound and reverse logistics management solutions.

Our team of logistics experts design and implement cost effective and reliable transport systems by considering these factors:

  • How many distribution centers are needed and where should they be located?
  • Should alternate ports of entry be a consideration?
  • Can foreign trade zones be leveraged to reduce trade compliance costs?

Warehouse Design

We provide cost effective inventory planning and management solutions to include warehousing designs. Talk to us and see how you can further improve your logistics operations with our 3PL services.

Product launches

We work closely with you and assist with the project management, demand, supply and planning of your new product launches. Talk to us and we will develop and create impressive product launch packs to boost your sales.

Technology Integration

We build powerful, integrated go-to-market systems that build a bridge between a company's strategy and the exceptional customer experiences.These are the ultimate driver of customer advocacy and loyalty. We integrate into systems software such as:

  • SAP
  • SAP Business 1
  • Pronto

Process Impprovement

We challenge conventional methods and develop innovative ways to improve your operation. This entails extracting value from networks and planning for uncertainty.

Value Chain Strategy Matrix

The value chain strategy mix combines technology, engineering, asset and brand within a single framework. Using this matrix, we are able to correctly plot the relationship between manufacturing costs and fulfilment costs.

BRi's value chain strategy mix

Pipeline Strategies

More complex industries require more than the four factors utilised in the value chain strategy model. This prompts us to use a different strategy - the pipeline strategy.

BRi's definitive pipeline strategies

We commonly use this for industries requiring more focus on supply and demand - mostly e-commerce and the retail industry. Using the gathered data from this model, BR International establishes value added strategies geared toward improving your supply chain logistics process such as:

Re-work/re-packing/returns management

Re-work or redress is the customisation or modification of products, often to suit a local market. It covers the re-packing of finished products to support product launches and promotions, and can also include re-palletization.

Re-packing of products made in China

Products made in China can have Mandarin or Cantonese labels. You need to ensure that these labels are translated into English when it is imported into Australia. Moreover, it has to fit the taste and preference of your target market.

Product launches

We provide purpose fit solutions to suit your needs which is incorporated within the following stages:

Pre launch

Pre launch follows the implementation of the customer. We find out what you already do and what you want to do. We then look at new innovation and collaborate ideas for a better solution for your company's needs.


We measure your connectivity and make sure both BRi and your company's systems talk to each other to ensure an efficient product launch.

Post launch

We assess the efficiency of the strategic solution BRi provided. We sit and analyse the savings, cost and time effectiveness of the project. As a result, we are able to continuously improve and develop the product launch design for each individual company we service.

Performance and Project Measurement

BR International analyses data beyond your typical reporting. We sit down and carefully analyse your raw data for us to efficiently perform stochastic optimisation of your data.

Data analysis is integral in performance and project measurements as shown in the figure below:

BRi supply chain performance and project management approach

Supply Chain Key Performance Indicators

We help you focus more on the important parts of your supply chain by combining the following metrics with analytics:

  • Product Selection, Forecasting, and Procurement
  • Supplier/Sourcing
  • Warehousing/Storage
  • Inventory Management/Logistics Management Information System (LMIS)/Customer Response
  • Distribution/Transport

Supply Chain Analytical Services

We review raw data collected through your various IT systems to answer questions and identify cost saving opportunities. We work with your organisation to formulate a plan that delivers significant results. We empower your management team and motivate them to reach operational excellence. We analyse your demand and construct forecast models to assist you with your decisions. Learn more about our supply chain analytics service. Check out our different categories of analytics below:

Descriptive Analytics:

We provide insights from historical data that summarises sets of data to determine patterns in demand and product flows.

Predictive Analytics:

We use the predictive modelling approach with the aid of statistical learning techniques and multiple disciplines including business rules and mathematical sciences.

Prescriptive Analytics:

We help you create better decisions with optimized algorithms and simulations of big data that shows the implications of each of your decision option.

Account Management

We help you better understand your customer's needs and behaviours. We assist you in defining your target customers and identifying your distinct advantage over competitors to help you make informed business decisions and investment allocation.

Acquiring loyal customers through positive interactions

We work with you and develop a series of positive interactions with your customers. We focus in your advocacy and inform you with consistent delivery of experiences to drive top-line growth to your business.

Further, we nurture and promote loyal customers who are more profitable, and who are active proponents of your business in good times and bad.

Marketing and brand strategy

We help companies align marketing and brand strategy with overarching business objectives; ensure marketing investments are generating highest returns and reinforcing the brand positioning; and building a loyal customer base through branding that cultivates a strong, trusted image.